February Update

Hello again friends and family.  Plenty has happened since I last blogged.  We’ve completed all of the Home Study paperwork!!  Yay!!  This one was huge.   Happy dance!!  Our social worker has met with us three times, been to our house twice, interviewed Chris and I together and separate, talked with Palin, toured the house, checked the fire alarms, etc and is typing our home study now.  In the end, it’ll be a 13 page report about us, our home, our life, education, health, family, support system, marriage, EVERYTHING Haiti wants to know about us and then some. 

Also, our psych reports are back!! Drum roll please…… they were exquisitely boring!!  Haha!!  I have to say, I was hoping for some dirt on Chris.  Just kidding.  They were very detailed and described our coping skills, personality traits, degree of preparation and understanding of adoption and such.  Our psychologist is actually an adoptive parent herself so she offered a couple’s psych eval for a deep discount, $750 per couple, instead of $700 each.  It was a nice blessing.  Happy Valentine’s Day Chris!!  LOL!!

We also have officially decided to adopt one child, as opposed to a sibling set.  There are lots of reasons but in a nutshell, since we both work full time and intergrating one child can be very challenging, we want to do the best thing for everyone.  We don’t want to overwhelm us, our marriage, our bio kids or our adoptive child.  God could still surprise us and give us siblings but in general, our “request” will be matched as closely as possible.  Ours in actually very broad– one child, either gender, infant to 6 years old.  Don’t tell Chris but maybe we’ll just do this again one day.  Haha!!  But seriously…

Oh yeah.  I also wanted to update everyone about an upcoming fundraiser.  My thoughtful and generous cousins are organizing a 5K for us!!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 22nd!  Start training! Or come and root for the runners and walkers.  We’ll also need volunteers to pass out water and help organize I’m sure.  We’re super excited.  I think my brother and his family will even come home for it– mostly because it’s on his birthday but anyway….  JK Duke!  He’ll actally come because he’s competitive and it’s a race.  JK again.  He’ll most likely come because his big sister told him to.  Ha, I’m killing it over here!! LOL!   OK, I better be nice to my little brother.  He’s a good guy. (At least I’ll know if he’s reading my blog now)    😉

On the fundraising front, my sweet sister and niece have set up a Go Fund Me for us as well.  www.gofundme.com/motsingeradoptionfundraiser is the link.  I’m trying to figure out how to link it on my blog homepage.  Tech help accepted.  😉 As we prepare to submit our dossier, we will be doing two more sets of fingerprints, paying more adoption fees, etc.  The next step, over the coming months, is around $15,000.  Adoption is worth every penny but it certainly takes a lot of them. 

We’ve also been connected with another family in Missouri that brought home their little girl from Haiti last year.  I’m looking forward to getting to know them.  They have been very kind thus far, sharing some of their private experiences with us.  I treasure their honesty and generosity in sharing their journey.  There are just so many blessings sprinkled along the way and their witness is certainly one. 

This truly is such a blessed journey.  I’m still as eager as ever.  I can’t wait to meet my Haitian baby.  In the meantime, I pray that God protects his/her little heart and mind.  Orphan life can be rough.  My heart aches thinking about it.  Also, please pray that the process will be faster than expected.  The current situation is an average of 35-45 months between dossier submission and referral/match, then another handful of months before the first bonding visit of 15 days THEN another year to year and half before bringing a sweet baby home.  Heartache with a capital H! 

The good news is there was a meeting of government officials and adoption agency representatives.  The hopes is that the process can be streamlined.  The Obama administration put regulations on internation adoption with the intended purpose of protecting adoptees from human trafficking but, as red-tape can, it mostly just bogged down an already-stressed system that involves some third world countries that have limited resources.  Tough stuff.  We’ll learn more about this during our AWAA February conference call.  (Our agency really works hard to keep us updated and in-touch.  They’ve been so great!) 

I love keeping in touch with ya’ll.  Big hugs to you for reading my attempts at blogging and humor.  It sounds funny in my head and then… on the screen… well… cue the crickets chirping and awkward sideways glances… eeerrrr… anyway…  I’m nerdly like that.  Blessings!

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