May Update

My last update was in February. Say whaaaat? I can’t believe that much time has passed. We heard back from the United States Customs and Immigration Services and passed our FBI background checks. We received an official document that we have been approved to adopt one child internationally. That document doesn’t come notarized so we had to fill out and notarize different form that we attached to the USCIS document so it would be official. THEN we had to send our ORIGINAL NOTARIZED documents to the Missouri Secretary of State for authentication. This is to authenticate that all of our notarized documents have been notarized by official notaries. (I know, right?!?) You understand my hesitation… the ORIGINAL NOTARIZED documents… that we’ve collected, redone, followed very detailed instructions to complete. Now these precious papers, 24 documents in all, must be mailed away, authenticated and mailed back. GULP!!

Me with 24 notarized documents just prior to sending them for certification with the Missouri Secretary of State

So… I took the documents to the postal business. (Right after I had Palin take a picture of me with them. Haha. See above) I explained what I was doing and that I needed to include pre-paid, self-addressed mailers for the office to return the documents to me. And that the documents needed to arrive safely and rapidly and have return envelopes that would do the same. She rang me up and then, very casually, scooped up my papers and walked away to complete the mailing…. Call me a control freak but I panicked a little. I wanted to repeat that these are my ORIGINAL NOTARIZED DOCUMENTS that we have collected over the last six months. These papers physically represent every effort we have been making to meet our future child. These are precious pieces of paper that should be treated like gold and passed to each person along the way with an explanation of their importance…. But that’s not how it happened. She gave me a polite, “Awwww, good luck honey.” and wished those documents away like regular mail. GASP!! I walked out of there with happy tears rolling down my cheeks and silent prayers that the documents would arrive and return safely.

Today, to my surprise, the documents returned!! We are official. We’ve been authenticated and certified!! I shouldn’t be surprised because I specifically prayed that the Missouri Secretary of State Commissions office would quickly process, authenticate and certify our documents. So, that happened. Yep. Thank you Jesus!!

Tomorrow, I will make two copies of everything– one copy for us and one for our agency. Without removing or messing up the staples. Yep, those are official too. Then our second payment installment, 24 certified documents and one photocopy of said documents will be sent to our agency. It’ll be our official dossier!! I can’t believe I’m saying that!! From our adoption agency, our dossier will be sent for translation to Haiti. Errr. Merrr. Gersshhh!

I also want to mention that my lovely cousins and friends are organizing an “Adopt a Mot” 5K as a fundraiser. Mark your calendar!! June 22! Registration forms are due June 7th.

Also, we were beyond blessed by very generous loved ones contributing to our Go Fund Me and other donations arriving in the mail. Hearing that others are thinking of us and sending prayers on our behalf is such a blessing. I will never tire of saying, THANK YOU a million times over. Knowing we are supported along this journey just blesses my heart so much. A recent donation was very near to the amount needed for our next step. (Yes, I cried, and I still cry when I think about it. Tissue please!) God always provides. Even when we’re weary and waiting, there are reminders that we are on the right path. As I drove to work the other day, Alan Jackson sang out, “Ooonnnnly trust Him. Ooonly trust Him. Only trust Him nooooow. Heeee will save you. Heeee will save you. He will save you noooow.” (If you haven’t purchased that one yet, do it, it’s so great!! All the oldies but goodies hymns from the good ole’ days. Seriously, you’re going to be moved. It’s my favorite album right now.)

We are truly blessed beyond measure. Everyday I think about my little one in Haiti and I ask God to guard their little heart and bring them home safely. Please pray the same. We’re so eager to grow our family and see what God has in store.

Thank you all for reading. Get your running/walking shoes on and come see us on June 22!!

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