July Update

Hey ya’ll. When I blogged last, we were preparing our authenticated documents– our complete dossier– to be shipped to our adoption agency. Since then, our dossier has been translated into Haitian Creole, authenticated at the Haitian Consulate in Chicago, had a final once-over at the adoption agency and been shipped to Haiti! YAY!! Our in-country adoption representative will take the dossier for legalization in Haiti then it will be sent to the state adoption agency.  

Our official dossier, with two full copies and our 3-ring adoption binder. Our “paper chase” in it’s entirety!

So a quick recap:

  • 11/11/18 we created our online adoption registration with America World Adoption Agency
  • 11/19/18 we were officially accepted in the Haiti program
  • 11/20/2019 started the “paper chase”
  • Filled out paperwork
  • Home study
  • Notarized paperwork
  • Fingerprints and background checks
  • More paperwork
  • Adoption education and essays
  • More notarizing of the paperwork
  • US Customs and Immigration approval
  • More notarizing of said papers
  • Authentication with the Missouri Secretary of State
  • Dossier translation from English to Hatian Creole
  • Authentication with the Haitian Consulate
  • Final adoption agency review
Myself with all of the documents and photocopies prior to sorting. Then Chris with the dossier in a FedEx box on it’s way to our adoption agemcy

In the meantime, our cousins Amber and Cyndy, along with my sister, Gabi, and one of my besties, Natalie, organized a 5K run as a benefit for our adoption. (Wow, that, was, a lot, of, commas…)  We were moved to tears and so humbled by the outpouring of support for our adoption journey.  The “Adopt a Mot 5K” was the best time I’d had at 7:00 am in a long time. HaHa!  So many of our friends, family and even complete strangers woke up in the wee hours of the morning to coordinate, participate and volunteer.  Every single person there (& donors that couldn’t physically be present) encouraged us greatly.  All together, $4,100 was raised.  $4,100!!  We are so appreciative.  Thank every single one of you!  It took a great deal of planning and commitment to organize.  Then an immense amount of discipline and devotion to wake up that early to run in the rain!  I wish I could express exactly how much we were blessed by each of you.  My heart has grown two sizes.       

In other news, Chris and I will be going to Haiti in December.  We’ll be joining a mission team from our adoption agency to do a Bible school and physical work on an orphanage.  If you know me, you know that I’m not cut out for laborous work.  And I say that in a very un-superficial kinda way– a gal knows her limits people.  I have sensitive, lady hands and I have trouble staying focused on one job for any prolonged length of time.  Just ask Chris about the time he had me painting the spindles on the front porch of our previous home.  There must have been 50, no probably 150 curvy spindles, all lined up close, needing 360 degrees of white paint that wasn’t supposed to drip on the brown below.  There I was, in the elements, just peck-peck-pecking my ill-fitting paint brush around each and every spindle in a pain-stakingly slooooow and laborous process…  See “grown woman melt down” in the dictionary! Ha.  Seriously, though, I’m really looking forward to going to the orphanages and working however I’m called. Be it labor or be it hugs.  I’m all in!    If you are feeling the tug to join, please do!!  Click here for more info:  https://awaa.org/one-orphan/take-action/trips/haiti-missions/haiti-benton-2/  The more, the merrier!

Adopt a Mot love!!
Us with our niece in our “Adopt a Mot 5K” merch!

In closing, rember that prayers are what we need the most.  Our wait is currently projected to be 38-48 more months BEFORE we receive a referral and another 1-2 years AFTER referral before we get to bring our kiddo home.  Pray that the process is expediated for us and all those in line before us.  We all know those waiting babies need families ASAP.  Also, pray for Haiti.  There have been riots and unrest which led to travel restrictions.  Government and medical offices are occasionally forced to close so adoption processes have been delayed for some.  Not to mention, the hectic conditions for the Haitian people.  Overall, there is improvement day-to-day and travel restrictions have been down-graded.  However, the troubles remian and continue to cause issues for the Haitian people.  Pray that conditions will improve overall and that the people will have proper representation in the government.  

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