November Update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! November marks the one year anniversary of our decision to follow God’s calling to adopt. Internationally. From Haiti. Oh wow. I love thinking about what was involved in the last year. So much happened this first year. We benefited in SO many ways from a 5K in our adoption’s honor. (Insert an entire community of family and friends and strangers who grew our hearts that muggy June Saturday) Plus, so many inquiries, prayers, home visits, letters, notaries signatures, copies of the dog’s shot records, physicals, lab tests, reference letters, donations, more prayers and so so soooo much love for our adoption. What a blessing to be on this side of our first year. I never ever knew what support and kindness would be bestowed upon us and our mission to adopt. It has been a huge group effort and we are so forever grateful. A friend recently joked that this child will be everyone’s child and I completely agree. Knowing how many people are invested in this child just stirs my soul. No pictures, no name, no actual referral, yet an entire village surrounds this child. Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.

Yes, there were LOTS of papers and processes involved BUT don’t be discouraged if you’re considering adoption. Don’t hesitate. Start the process. Gather the papers. Check the boxes. Watch God move. Before you know it, you’ll have a dossier in another country and waiting for a phone call. “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Can I get an amen? I know y’all didn’t leave me hangin’ there.

As far as our adoption, there isn’t much to update. We’re still waiting to be matched to our child. Palin continues to pray for a sister. We think and pray about our 5th Motsinger frequently. We have monthly conference calls about the progress for our adoption agency’s Haiti families and the progress for those waiting. They keep us up to date on the holiday’s and current events in Haiti. Unfortunately, over the recent months, the progress has been slow and sometimes completely stalled.

The political climate is very unstable. Tens of thousands of Haitians are asking the President to step down. He has three years left in his term but some people question the validity of his election. He says it would be irresponsible to step down because the fight for power will cause more unpredictability to an already volatile situation. The Haitians are rioting and marching in the streets as they feel that despite a significant amount of foreign aid, they never see any improvements in opportunity or daily life. There are days that emergency responders and medical care are inaccessible due to the riots. Recently, the riots made venturing outside so perilous that people couldn’t go to work, much less the the grocery store, for two weeks straight. Orphanages and homes ran low on supplies, including food and water. It was very stressful and uncertain as you can imagine.

For a child to be adopted, they must have medical exams and complete many legal and other processes. When people can’t work, attorneys can’t complete legal steps, medical exams don’t happen, international forms don’t get processed. You can see how the adoption process comes to a halt. There are families with our agency, and probably others, that have children ready to come home but are just waiting on paperwork that is being stalled by the political climate. Pray for Haiti and those waiting children and families.

Last month, a Haiti family with our group was waiting for a break in the violence that would allow for their trip to bring their son home. At the same time, our adoption agency had a special 21 days of prayer which leads up to the Season of Hope campaign to support adoption as November is national adoption month. On the day they asked for prayers for the Haiti families, the aforementioned waiting family received a notice that they were allowed to travel. They traveled to Haiti and returned home with their little one safely!! It’s amazing what blessings can come when a group of believers are praying together.

We’ve been planning, as you read in months prior, to go with our adoption agency (America World Adoption Agency, on a mission trip to Haiti orphanages in December. Chris and I got our Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines. Lemme tell ya, one of those buggers really hurt! Four days later we learned that because of the troubles in Haiti, our mission trip was “grounded” which is the fancy way of saying cancelled. Wait, what? I’m suuuuuper bummed. I was eager to go to Haiti and help there… specifically. However, I know God has a plan bigger than we know.

We had two options: 1. Wait for the next trip to Haiti, planned in the summer of 2020 OR 2. Go somewhere else that has needs. So we, along with Denton and Bailey, decided option two. We found out two weeks ago that we’re going to Jamaica to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, My conversational Haitian Creole learning has been put on hold and we’re attempting to learn a little American Sign Language which I’ve read has many similar signs as the Jamaican dialect. So onward. To Jamaica. No vaccines needed. But we’ll need them for future Haiti trips anyhow.

When the trip was cancelled, I let myself be sad for a couple hours. But once a gal does a full-blown online investigation (maybe more like stalking but let’s stick with investigation for today’s purposes) of the CCCD, I certainly can’t be sad for myself. Imagine me, you or one of your kiddos, everything the exact same, but you can’t hear. I’ve never REALLY thought it through before. How much that one thing complicates your life and future opportunities. Particularly if you don’t have a community supporting you. Anyway, stay tuned for trip photos and details.

Recently, at the Motsinger home, Palin has taught Jude the joy (and I use that word loosely) of pouring ice cold water on someone in the shower. I love a super warm shower. And my kids love surprising me with ice cold water during said super warm shower. My sneaky peeps, with a cup (or pitcher) full of ICE WATER…with ICE!!…during my super warm shower. Have I mentioned the water is ICE WATER?!? It’ll make a warm gal a little fussy. I’m not kidding a bit when I yell, “SERIOUSLY, DON’T THROW THAT WATER ON ME! I’M SHAVING! GUYS, SERIOUSLY!” Then **Splash** water AND ICE hitting me on the head. Sometimes followed by the empty cup or pitcher. So one day, in the midst of a freezing cold scream of torture, I realized, “Ok. This is my life. My lovely warm shower days are gone. My ice water ga-loush-ing season is here. Just surrender Rachelle. Ice…Water… Wait for it… Cup. Ice-water-cup-in-the-head life is actually something to embrace.” And so I did. And it really isn’t so bad. It’s shocking. And I still screeeeeam. And I ALWAYS add, “Ok that was funny but don’t do it again. Once is enough…” but sometimes that ice bath comes again. **Says to self, “Sursly guys, my new-found thankfulness can only extend so far here…” But you know what? Warm, undisturbed showers are so much more precious and appreciated.

Such is life. “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Colossians 3:15. In all things, I pray for peace. For Haiti. For our adoption and the ones before and after ours. For missions. For orphans. For loss. For that family with something missing. For things I don’t understand. And I’m thankful for those things too. Yes, even for warm-shower-interrupting ice water cups in the head.

Yes, the warmth of peace.

With thanksgiving in my heart,


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