It’s Official

Haiti.  It’s official. We’ve been accepted into the Haiti adoption program. Thank you Jesus! Squeal! 

Haiti! A country I knew little about a few months ago.  It’s located in the Caribbean and shares an island with the Dominican Republic.  That’s about the extent of my knowledge…until now.  I’ve been drawn to this little country in the recent months.  Now I love this little place.  I feel like I have kids there, waiting for me.  I’m a sponge, eagerly soaking up every bit of information I can about Haiti, international adoption, orphans.  

Forgive me for not siting sources.  My favorite English teacher would be disappointed. (Sorry Mrs. Fowler) Anyway, let me share with you some fun facts about this country I now love so dearly.

  • Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.
  • 80% of the population lives in poverty.
  • Children living in orphanages make up 7% of the population.
  • Only 40% of the children attend elementary school and even less graduate high school.  
  • Haiti is 1/5th the size of Florida with 750 orphanages.
  • Because Haiti is so underdeveloped, the adoption process takes longer than most countries, deterring families from adopting from here.
  • Today, the weather was sunny and warm with a high of 94 and a low of 73. (Yes, I’ve started following this, *shoulder-shrug)

Our journey is just beginning yet I feel a connection deep in my soul. I can’t explain it other than a Devine calling. In my quiet prayer time I found myself asking, between now and dead (a quote from Dr Laura Schlessinger) what is your calling? In your prayer time are you asking AND listening, or just doing all the talking? If you were called to step out in faith, would you or would you try to negotiate a plan B?

Admittedly, initially, and sometimes even now, I negotiate…

  • Ok, I could be using my gifts more selflessly BUT not with toddlers or school-aged kids. I know You remember that one time in VBS when the school-aged kids came in from recess smelling like recess-kids and I sprayed the room with perfume until my little cousin started coughing and gasping- oops, yeah, let’s focus on another need Lord.
  • Ok, God, yes we can do this. BUT not internationally. That’s waaay too expensive.
  • Ok, God willing, we can do international adoption BUT only one child.
  • Ok, we could adopt a sibling group, if that’s God’s plan, BUT only two because more than that would be pushing the limits of my SUV and Lord knows I’M NOT A MINIVAN MOM!

I’m learning to surrender…all. But, as much as I love my minivan friends (you all are proud and brave) I’m really not a mini-vanner. Right Lord?!? Right?!? Oh puuuhhhlease answer me this one detail, no minivans. Jesus, hear my prayer. You know me so well…

As you can imagine, I’m still waiting to hear back on this one.

But seriously, IF I had to trade my SUV in for a grocery-getter, I would do it a million times over. First-World problem, Rachelle. Imagine being one of 750,000 children in an orphanage in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere wishing every night that you had a mom and dad that loved you and your sibling unconditionally. Perspective.

I recently read a quote, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”– Jim Elliott.

Yes. Just yaaaasss. This is where you say, “Amen!”

And the Scripture is very specific:

“Religion that God the Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27

Loud and clear.

If you’re inclined, would you keep us in your prayers? I don’t believe this journey is a calling for everyone. Not at all. But if you’re willing, put us on your prayer list or share our story. We appreciate all the prayers and support more than I can say. Thank you to each of you that have reached out with words of encouragement. We’ve been blessed beyond measure by y’alls love.

Some have asked about other ways they can support us. If you feel called, donations can be made to our adoption fund, an account in our names (Chris and Rachelle Motsinger) with the sole purpose of funding our adoption, at Independent Farmer’s Bank, 1303 Main St, Stewartsville, MO 64490. Fundraising ideas are welcome as well.

The reality is, we’re looking at a minimum of $33,000 if we adopt one child, upwards of $60,000 for a sibling set of two. We can’t do this alone. I’m so moved and humbled by those asking to give. Thank you all.

Much love to all my mini-vanners. Please don’t be offended, the Lord is working on me. 😉

Humble appreciation for y’alls interest and readership,

Rachelle (Chris, Jude & Palin)

The Beginning

Hello readers.  Chris and I are officially beginning the process of international adoption. There’s so much to tell and we’ve barely begun. My sister-in-law encouraged me to start a blog so everyone can follow alongside us. 

Where to start? 

I’ve been feeling called to adopt for sometime now. I’ve spent time in prayer and research. At the same time, Chris has been loosely following a high school acquaintance‘s international adoption journey on social media.  

I finally discussed my thoughts with Chris. As he began researching, he was instantly put off by the cost. One night, after a two week hiatus from Facebook, he clicked on the app with intentions to only look at his updates. Instantly, at the top of his feed, a video caught his attention. It was a video blog about the high school acquaintance‘s journey to adopt their son from South Korea. He and his wife spoke specifically about the finances and how it can be very intimidating but God provided for them. They encouraged others to step out in faith and trust that God would provide. The video discussed much more than finances of course but the financial part was exactly what Chris needed to hear. Their testimony was moving and spoke deeply to us. One day we’ll have to tell them how instrumental they were in our journey. 

Now we begin…

So far we’ve :

  • Chosen a Christian faith-based adoption agency America World
  • Been pre-accepted into the Haiti program
  • Spoken with the Intake Counselor and submitted an official application
  • Recognized that we’ll need anywhere from $30,000 – $60,000 to complete the adoption. (Gulp!)

Currently, we would love prayers. Prayers  for guidance, financial assistance, faith and discernment. 

Thank you all for reading. I’m so eager to see where God leads us and I’m excited to start this process!! More soon…